Chief's Letter #16
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Dec 2018
Letters from the Chief
I'm done.  And it couldn't have come at a better time.  It's the last month of the year and I have one payment left to ready for, meaning come July next year, whatever is happening, I'll have more time for myself.

But that's enough of me, no one wants to hear about me.  How 'bout that expo?

Santa Comes Early: In-game lore events in an alpha game? - Yes, please!  While there are those that moaned about not seeing certain ships or some of the days being 'boring' (I salute them all with a massive palm to the face), most citizens found a very welcomed surprise from CIG and admired the effort they put in.  Having logged in for each day to say they've been there and enjoyed the train ride while watching the latest IAE Roundtable video and finding the event's atmosphere to be pretty darn cool.  Flying old ships and new, exploring Hurston has placed a smile on many faces.  It truly is an exposition.  Content is snowballing to us this winter which is breathtaking to view and is very much starting to feel like something to play.

Let's get more people playing together.  With us.

Being Vocal:   Anthony Rudd likes to keep in touch and sent a recent mail with a little news about how busy he's getting on and how the last two years have been extraordinary.  And busy.  Good for you, Anthony - well deserverd.  For those that didn't know, Anthony has been our voice actor for our radio and video recruitment pieces, as well as the clips for Earle on our Twitch TV stream.  I owe Anthony many thank-yous for helping us achieve exactly what I had hoped for with such kind respect to a limited funding.  Below is a short, tongue-in-cheek video featuring his new rescue kittens, Felber & Parsley.

click to watch

 - Neil

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