A Cog in the Machine
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 29th Nov 2018
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It's way into the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo West in Lorville, Hurston this month.  The city where some say the very first members of Brigade formed.  While you may not get an informative answer from its Chief on that one, you can certainly not mistake the new purchases, rentals and part-exchanges the members of Brigade are getting for themselves; with some large quantum drives in the mix, it is no doubt the intention for some to get further afield within Stanton.  Many wouldn't blame them - it doesn't bode well to stay in one place for very long within that system.  It appears one or two Brigade enthusiasts are keeping their jump drives well oiled too...

It could be the Hurston fumes in the air but we are getting wind of a certain tune fading in and around that planet lately, with Brigade members furrowing brows somewhat at the coincidence; a piece of ambient music aptly titled: 'A Cog in the Machine'.  It only gives more thought to Brigade's origins.

As for the expo itself, it came as a surprise to see such expense and prestige from Hurston Dynamics.  However the front may be, the grime isn't going away from 'out back' any time soon though.  With all the new interest, money and inexperienced new citizens turning up, it looks like there could be plenty of new missions for Brigade to get its teeth into, and maybe some new friends to find along the way.

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