Chief's Letter #15
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Nov 2018
Letters from the Chief
I'm uneasy saying it...has the time come?  Is it here?  Is there a sort-of game that has what I need to get involved in throughout the week, every week?  I'm pretty dang sure there is.

15735 Yeehaaw!

A great deal more fidelity is appearing on our screens since last year's CitizenCon and if you haven't seen much from the event then you should absolutely take a look at the tech, as it is stunning.  The ball of content is rolling at a very nice pace with assets, features and mechanics coming to us in surprising fashion as we possess a 3.3 expansion, a 3.3.5 content boom weeks later and 3.4 being delivered for Xmas with CIG's live show.  Then every quarter next year = more things.  The PTU has been open to everyone this month, with bugs being squashed.  Here are 10 things Brigade gets for live releases before Xmas:

  1. Performance.  Actually playable frames that can hit triple figures.
  2. Missions and exploration.  3-4 new mission givers, rest stops in space, a planet with a city and its 4 moons.
  3. Racing.  Paid 'scramble racing'.
  4. AI.  Ground-based NPCs to shoot, kill and run to cover from.
  5. Flight model and turrets.  A brand new flight model to include atmospheric flight and working player turret control.
  6. Better UI.  Improved MobiGlas function and map.
  7. FOIP/head tracking.  Move your head, eyes and mouth etc. and your avatar will do the same (including camera angle).  Make a video call to your friends that shows in your HUD!
  8. Vehicle buying.  Make credits in game to go towards renting or purchasing a new vehicle.
  9. Component function.  Customization including upgrades, overclocking and degradation (broken parts).
  10. Scanning.  Ping to retrieve information on player ships, mining nodes and mission areas.

I've got the Twitch:   I've been wanting to get into this all year.  Figuring streaming live will really help bring in the recruits and give Brigade members a fun place to join and tune in.  There have been many setbacks, with the most recent having been the dismantling of the streaming platform I decided to use: BEBO, who discontinued support with a 14-day warning they issued as a small letter on their Discord.  Fearlessly, however, I switched platform and started from the ground up to incorporate assets into something even better (quite a bit better) and ready for Star Citizen 3.3 LIVE.  It was easy.  It also took many more days and hours to accomplish, so...'s to smooth sailing and let us set a mighty course, cogs.


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