The Daymar Rally is Coming to Town
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 5th Oct 2018
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It seems organisations everywhere are passing similar information lately: whilst the Daymar Rally is right around the corner, racers have been scrambling to get practice in within the Stanton system, whether that be on Daymar itself or...other areas.  One Grim local called Luca Brunt, whose entrepreneurial occupation includes organising scramble races (and collecting their bets) is attracting some of the filthiest lowlifes and a few of the wealthiest known racers in the 'verse; Brunt offers a monetary and experiential reward for participates eager and...brave enough to realise these races are both win or lose and life or death.  You can expect the same from other scramble racing organisers as well.

Whilst it is known that Brigade doesn't sympathise with its members shooting to destroy in these types of activities, their leaders understand members can be keen to rev-up ready to take part in next year's 'Filthiest Race in the 'Verse' when the Daymar Rally returns after a hiatus of fourteen years.  With the rally under new management, including new rules and racing classes, Brigade's Security Dept. has given a green light to register for the event and offers everyone whatever support they need to stay safe. 

And to win.

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