Chief's Letter #14
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Oct
Letters from the Chief
Boy, have I been game-starved.  I'm a model Bored Gamer, except my head is more mellon that egg.  I've been playing World of Warcraft for free and the new expansion is mostly disastrous.  It is difficult work enjoying gaming at the moment but I am enjoying taking it for what it is; playing a little here and there without attempting to progress much at all, watching some streams and YouTube, reading a new book and concentrating on working a lot of hours so I can secure a healthy next year.

Pumping up the excitement meter once again, the last quarter of 2018 is looking good for star citizens everywhere:

  1. In a few days, we likely receive an open invitation to the next content's public testing
  2. Citizencon is the10th of this month to include the live release of 3.3
  3. More content arrives a month later where we receive the first planet, Hurston and its city
  4. After that, it's just another month away before the holiday live show and the release of the next expansion: 3.4

That's a fair bit of stuff coming.  If you haven't been following, a new technology is coming in November called object container streaming (OCS); this will greatly improve performance and allow more people and NPCs to populate servers.  Don't forget to check out CIG's roadmap to see exactly what is planned.

I was originally thinking about waiting until December to play, however, I'm going to dabble in 3.3 a little and hope to explore more as OCS comes in.  Landing on Hurston is going to be an adventure I'm excited about.  Plus, I'm keen to program in my 110+ keybinds that I've spent a few hours deliberating.  Yep, you heard me.


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