Chief's Letter #13
Chief.Neil 4 Comments · 1st Jun 2018
Letters from the Chief
Howdy partners!

If you like racing, then Star Citizen is for you!  The new vehicle control implemented in patch 314 is a wonderful, refreshing change.  Responsivity has increased tenfold and thus racing around in those sweet, small crafts are bringing a fair bit of joy to the SC community.  Eventually able to grab a ride on my own space bike around the rocky lands of Daymar was a relief of sorts.

Shiny Cogs For The Chief's Machine:   What I'm concentrating on next for Brigade is in, a somewhat larger, part for myself other than our Brigade members, as I splurge with PC upgrades.  Initially wanting to put aside monies for an entirely new rig, this dream isn't really realistic.  Unfortunately, my CPU is not up to streaming fast motion content at good quality and due to this, I intend to replace the component with something that can, as I fear with the final year of Brigade's life in the balance, streaming could be the last effort for gaining members.  The investment into Brigade has been very heavy in workload and pricey to boot, at £800 over what I would have originally though reasonable from myself as its owner.  With the love of creating a gaming community and the enjoyment of developing Brigade, I have pushed the boundaries of investment for the procurement of fine new members.

I hate to ask but I now need help with whatever any member and citizen alike can donate to fund the continuity of Brigade.  I have to know when to stop, right?  With only two full members after three years, I am failing.  Grim as it is.  But there's time yet!  It just appears to be running out.  In July I need to renew the hosting for our website, I'm borrowing £300 from a friend and charging my credit card for the next 3-4 months to pay for components and life-bills.  If I don't, it would be upwards of 7 months before I could think about having enough money.

Keep up the spirits, hope for the good stuff in 3.2 next month and wish us luck into 3.3 and 3.4 this year!


11th Jul 2018 T.Wrong Way
That's all good to hear Chief! As long as we have 5-10 players who are able to team up fairly regularly I'll be happy and that'll form a good foundation to build on. I'm probably going to upgrade my BMM to a Hull E to try and rake the cash in early on so going to need those escorts ;).

I think your right and it's a little too early to panic though. As the game gets more stable and we see more people playing and more regularly we'll see a bit more interest. Wrong Way out.
11th Jul 2018 Chief.Neil
Thanks, Way. I really appreciate that. I'm optimistic. Whilst I'm absolutely failing in the grand scheme I haven't failed at to acquire the small bunch of you that Brigade is designed for. You all are sticktoitive team players with friendly, fun personalities. Which is super cool. There are 7 people whom I am fairly confident will join in the future when there is something substantial to get into each week too. I'm thinking Bored's Spotlight would be a good opportunity when we have something to show for within this future. If I melt my vessels I can donate something from those. Next year I will be financially a little better off and with some luck, playing SC too. Can't wait!
10th Jul 2018 T.Wrong Way
I totally get how disheartening it can be especially as I can clearly see the amount of work and effort you have put into 'Team Brigade'. I have to admit I'm a little puzzled why more people haven't been interested in signing up as I think you've done a really good job.

I too am brasic on the cash front and saving for a new rig for November when I hope to then be able to join you guys in the PTU. The only thing that allows me to game at all right now is the free Beta I have for GeForce Now, but alas I digress. I can't offer much help financially although when the hosting fee's fall due I am more than willing to contribute what I can. I can, however, offer some encouragement as I'm sure as content increases, the game becomes more stable and more and more people play on a regular basis rather than dipping in and out then we'll see more interest in the Org's. With anything like this, it is always getting off the ground and building some momentum that is the hardest part.
10th Jul 2018 T.Wrong Way
Once we are all playing more regularly and conducting successful missions together I believe we'll pick up some more members just by them seeing us being generally awesome. In the meantime, It might be worth getting in touch with Board Gamer and enquiring about the Org spotlight he does or any other help he might be able to offer. I think the fella is located in Devon like us which might count for something an plug from him around anniversary sale/3.4 release can't hurt at all. Of course, the issue with this is that the org would likely have to contribute a ship of some kind for his giveaway which I don't think you should do given your outlay already. Hopefully, by then a few more of us will be taking a more active role as well to help keep any new members engaged. I urge you to hold your head up and persevere. You got my support... I'm not going anywhere.
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