Chief's Letter #12
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st May 2018
Letters from the Chief
Sheesh, what some weeks.  Us citizens do tend to get our hype-jets going for SC releases and it seems I've played victim to it once more.  I can't argue that I'm not ready for action if things do turn out to be great and this time was no exception but unfortunately my hopes for what I was calling a 'just about playable' release have degraded as I contend with unlucky servers, persistent stuttering and broken flight mechanics.  With a recent profile import bug occurring in which I'll need to redo my flight controls (too damn boring), I'm not excited about gaming in the PU.  Regrettably, with poor IFCS and ESP, Arena Commander is not up to a standard I can practice in either.  Leaving Star Marine as an option but one which is suffering from lag spikes and synching issues as well as missing weapons and a lack of players Mon-Fri.  This is all a disaster for what I was hoping to be my playing some Star Citizen here and there throughout the week, commence streaming and appreciate some Star Citizen Sunday with the team.

!Team: It has been pretty darn cool to see you all enjoying some 3.1.  Activity is anticipated to spike when content is released and I've enjoyed chatter, pics, vids and trade guides this month which proves we have our little community forming even though nobody is quite in the right place yet for some multiplayer.  Next year really must kick off as I renew our hosting this July for what could be the final stretch.  Let's pray for +players.

!Alpha: Alpha is alpha and it is not all gloomy sailing.  The points mentioned above are to be suspected and I expect plenty of greatness in the coming expansions.  With news just in of an IFCS refactor and other changes to vehicle control hitting the latest 3.1.4b patch I'm excited to see the outcome.  Fingers are crossed.

My efforts with Twitch are paying off as I have learnt a ton this month.  The channel is looking particularly fleshed out and ready to roll, yeehaw!  I'll be streaming a little here and there but as I really want to stream SC and if I'm not playing much until 3.2, I guess you can't expect too much from the channel just yet.  Support to help test my backend/bots is very much appreciated.

See ya'll.  07


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