Earle's Skutters
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 27th Apr 2018
Lore Cast
I thought I'd shed some light about my little mechanical robot pals that I have working for me.  I do tend to find myself in curious company when it comes to these tinkering bots which I call 'skutters'.  Folks are always asking about them and while these happy fellas may be buzzing around in dutiful fashion now as they zap, tote and shine they didn't used to be so handy.  No sir, poor chaps used to skutter around zapping the wrong components, dropping the right components and bumping into every other component along the way.  Not that it seemed to worry the inhabitants of the rundown station they resided in.

Now I got to say I hope ya'll can keep a secret safe between us; I took it upon myself to fix them up and I didn't ask if it was okay to give them a new home if you know what I mean.  Nah, I doubt they'd be missed as they had been neglected for quite some years I'd say; long enough for a software update and a couple new tools under their shell.  So now they help me out in repairing the Brigade's machines.  They sure do fit into some tight spots and help me out of a few to boot!

You can bet their cogs are always turning.  07

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