Cred and Credibility, with Earle Boone
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 9th Apr 2018
Lore Cast
Sometimes, reporting in is as simple as sending a COMM feed with nothing more than the letters 'NTR'.  Those are the days when your eager cog Earle here wishes he ain't been so eager to fly solo for such a time; it's as boring as a turret shift in Sol.

But I'm guessing my surname has true meaning as I do find myself graced with blessings out there in the black.  Stanton has sure seen a drop in frame lately as the system's quieter than my pappa on Sundays.  Still, calls for assistance and 'essentials' come in just above radar on a daily basis.  It does seem however that with the number of crashes the system has suffered this month in its markets that cred and credibility are...somewhat shaky.

Well, Earle here found himself needing to improvise like a good Stantonia would, seeing as my old girl, freelancer needed some maintenance and an IFCS reboot (been experiencing stutters in this vessel all week).

There's been word of...well, let's just say I took it upon myself to take a visit to a place off-the-beaten-track called Jumptown.  But with no one giving up a decent QT I had to rely on my generous surname once again and venture out in good spirit.  Coming in 'dark' was sensible but finding the dang place at night really made it interesting; I overshot the place but as luck would have it another entrepreneur had powered-up their ship a few klicks out as it glowed on my radar.  They flew away and I happily took their place.

With cargo in tow, you can count on Earle to have something interesting to report to Brigade on the next feed.  Until then cogs, Earl is signing out with a yeehaw!  07

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