Chief's Letter #11
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Apr 2018
Letters from the Chief
God day to you!  Thought I'd add a little Easter salutation there although I'm happier greeting a bunch of yummy Easter eggs and as it happens the Easter hunt is on with build 3.1 hitting our live servers (and with it a fun CIG contest).  I'm ready to spend Easter Sunday testing all the new things (don't miss the entire 3.1 changes) and setting up my binds for the hopeful times ahead, which are actually looking pretty darn hopeful.  With framerates averaging thirty, ESP and IFCS working well, hit points and weapons balanced and the UI undergoing decent polish, I'm confident Star Citizen will be a playable experience in which I will be firing-up a few days every week (and looking forward to the next quarterly release to boot).

ToDo or not ToDo: There are fewer items on my life's lists of tasks as they settle down after four years busily building my home and general living and although there are things I am working on for Brigade, these are coming along nicely in the background.  I will be Twitch streaming fairly often as I tune the channel's backend workings (I have some nice free software) and you can expect a large change of theme when the channel officially launches.  Also, continuing our time in the alpha PU members must remember what to do and what not to do when it comes to our rules of engagement.

New cogs for the machine:  The last week of this month sees Kennan coming in to use Brigade's fresh new recruitment form process, happy to answer our team-related questions before disappearing like they were never here...  Well never fear, now is a great time to get ourselves some shiny new cogs - so get out there and get us known for doing what we do best: teaming and communication.

Oh, new art for our merchandise and a return of some small lore pieces to the site?  Sure why not.  Stay tuned.


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