Training: Basics 1
2:00 PM Wed 15th Jun 2016 - 00:00 AM Wed 15th Jun 2016(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Basic requirements of grouping, communication, leading and engagements

Estimated duration: 30-40mins

Lead: Chief. Neil


1. Karrth, TRAINEE [A1]

A session to get first impressions of how we get into groups and COMMS channels; who leads our groups and events, and how we know what our call sign is, what they mean, and what makes us use them.  Trainees are expected to ask many questions they have throughout, freely.

Below is what you can expect to encounter.

1. Readiness prior to briefing start: PC, microphone, TeamSpeak good to go.  Exercise channel entered.  Consideration make for notes you may want to take
   o Briefing: TeamSpeak required only, academic-type session, Q+A
2. Quiet COMMS:
   o Why we have various levels of COMMS discipline
   o Call signs and level of formalities
   o Speaking up during 'Cleared COMMS'
3. Your Lead, Actual, 2nd Lead and group actual
4. Organising a group:
   o NB - You can find your grouping on the event page prior(within 15mins) to training start
   o Altering your TeamSpeak handle
5. Going tactical and are we ok to commit:
   o What it means to go tactical
   o Reporting and quite COMMS
   o The 'call tiger' shorthand
6. Engagement:
o Tactical SOP and Q+A
7. Readying for Basics 2:
   o Familiarising with COMMS shorthand and tactical SOP for future grouping with us
8. End of training free open chat
   o Open for chats about anything Brigade and Citizen related; any more questions you may have

   - Training END.

Please remember these important things:

1. Be punctual and bring your best self-confidence to ask questions
2. Don't forget to sign-up beforehand.  If you have questions or wish to advise us of conditions, please attempt to do so in a timely fashion before training
3. Please take a look at the Basics Training Forum before attending

All the best.

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15th Jun 2016
Brought forward one hour.
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