Training: Basics 2
7:30 PM Tue 17th May 2016 (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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- A practical exercise on tactical engagement.

Estimated duration: 45mins
Lead: Chief. Neil [Actual]


Hurrey, TRAINEE [A1]
Topdogs, TRAINEE [A2]

This training involves prompt grouping and handle changes, before entering the mission: Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, to take part in PVE combat with your group.  You are expected to use and understand fairly good COMMS shorthand and follow our SOP in the same regard whilst respecting the group lead by following their instructions.  The leadership element from your Actual will be light to allow you the opportunity to express your current understanding of protocol at your own pace.
Below, is what you can expect to encounter.

- Readiness prior to briefing start: PC, microphone, TeamSpeak loaded.  Exercise channel entered, your call sign recognised and handle altered (as detailed above)
- Briefing: Game mode; group; Actual's presence; high-tactical alert; deaths and respawns; Q+A
- Organising:
    -Group into your assigned channel
    -Move to area of operations (mission entrance)
    -Familiarise group composition load-out
    -Await ready check
    -*Go tactical, commit, engage, follow your Basics 1 training to the best of your ability
- Debriefing:
    -How you did, your questions and concerns

- Training END.

1.  Please remember these important things:
2.  Be punctual and bring your best self-confidence to follow our SOP
3.  Don't forget to sign-up beforehand.  If you have questions or wish to advise us of conditions, please attempt to do so in a timely fashion before training
4.  Please refresh your memory from Basics 1 and the Basics Training Forum before attending

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