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6 days ago Chief.Neil
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22nd May Chief.Neil wrote a new blog Morning Star
20th May TMacrossfrontier
grim hex has some comfy seating

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19th May TMacrossfrontier
oh dear fleets expanding a little now i just need a dragonfly think they'll go on sale for the anniversary?
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14th May Chief.Neil
"Quietness fell heavily into the cool freshness of an early awakening; the beginning rise of a new day which only the strength of Hercules could come to bear."

I entered the Hercules Starlifter contest here.  I wrote a flash fiction piece.  Wish me luck and maybe have a go yourselves?

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4th May Chief.Neil
Aleksandr Belov has done it again.  Beautiful.  This game.  Wow.  15611

26th Apr TMacrossfrontier
ill be honest i get why this ship is popular its awsome, only thing that would make it better would be to slave the turret controls to the pilot giving a little more Fire power but then itll probably be a little op
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24th Apr TMacrossfrontier
my reason for not being on the other day for sc sunday my Harry Logan sharp, was looking forward to it but my 3rd little addition to my home fleet said no i need more maintenance, he should be home soon
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27th Apr Chief.Neil with B.Graymound
That's the TV I had as a kid.
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18th Apr TMacrossfrontier
the dream
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