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10 hours ago Chief.Neil
CCC event tomorrow (Sunday 19th) at 19:00.  Will be part of an FPS defending team and some other fun afterwards.  Give me or Marshal a shout if interested.
12 hours ago Chief.Neil
We have a new menu page: Twitch.
Want to see it?  Look up there on our menu bar.

Pretty self-explanatory really.  All upcoming show info can be found on that page as well as the channel's video feed as well.  To keep Brigade's community here on the website, members (except Officers) can no longer get show information via Discord.
5 days ago Chief.Neil

Who wants to practice and learn about combat manoeuvres and combat in general that Brigade does and discover how effective these are in the game and importantly, improve on them, learn what others are doing (such as Legacy Fleet) and come up with game-appropriate tactics and skills?

Arena Commander and Star Marine will be used.

If there is something else you wish to practice or discover, let me know.
2 days ago T.AntonioPaladin was awarded 1 points
Reason: For introducing themselves on our forums
3 days ago B.Aseron
It seems that galactic logistics is bugged; anyone know of another similar site that shows trade routes and commodities?
3 days ago T.Macrossfrontier was awarded 1 points
Reason: Promoting Brigade on the Spectrum
3 days ago B.Venoseptic had his/her points reset
3 days ago B.Venoseptic had his/her points reset
4 days ago Chief.Neil
15673  Welcome!
Mr Antonio, a pleasure to read your recruitment form sir.  07
26th Dec 2019 B.Venoseptic
I did some chance in my Hangar. 

The ONLY ship that is 100% is my Sabre right now. I have made it full fighter ready both for arena Com and PU. 
I have unlocked the 5k,7k,8k,10k and 12k NPC bonties missions aswell. 

The Conni and the Cat, may be upgrade later to Hull C, BMM, Orion, or somthing along them lines. Also depens on what the org needes and what comes out in 2020. 

But I am ALWAYS up for escort, trading, mining, fps and what else the org need help with and if you see me in the verse, dont be shy!

I will update this post along the way so it reflects my hangar. 
4 days ago T.AntonioPaladin was accepted through the application I'm a team player, sign me up to Brigade!
10th Jan Chief.Neil
Hey-up.  I know it is quiet but there ain't cobwebs around here; am working hard on getting Brigade out there in the 'verse.  There are a lot of us waiting for that juicy 3.8.X patch and there is good news on the PTU atm with the test being made on population increases.  SSOCS is doing its job - awesome.  Plenty of new vehicles and more persistence coming in the next weeks before 3.9.

Stay in there!  15595
10th Jan Chief.Neil
Guys check this new stuff out - fab!!!!  [skutcog]

2nd Jan B.Graymound
Happy New Year everyone!
24th Dec 2019 B.Venoseptic

Is a website there you can " create " your ship and fit diffent stuff on it to see your " dps " and QT speeds, it is upadted for 3.8 and its not hard to use. But feel free to ask about anything if you need help with it. 

marry Xmas all <3