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Trial Introduction
Brigade's Stream
Hey there, welcome to our community hub.

Things look a little sparse around here because you haven't registered; our Trial members have many more things open to them.

If you are looking to get in touch with Brigade's administrators, by quickly registering you can gain access to our Embassy forum and message us there.

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1 day ago Chief.Neil wrote a comment about the news post Chief's Letter #27
Hmpf! Maybe for a 3.9 summoning party, otherwise - I'm adding EXTRA time and co...
2 days ago Chief.Neil
Please, all welcome Ant as a full-member!  Good stuff as we build our teams for the future.  Looking forward to it meh dude.
2 days ago B.AntonioPaladin received the award Basics

Member has completed their Introduction, showing us they have good knowledge of ...

3 days ago B.Malkolmi wrote a comment about the news post Chief's Letter #27
ღ(¯`◕‿◕´¯) ♫ ♪ ♫ We should get permanent song requests and 30 sec cooldown on ai...
3 days ago Chief.Neil
Chief's letter is up in the News section and two members pick up the Generous award.  3.9 around the corner - FUN approaching this month!

4 days ago Chief.Neil
I got ourselves verified to add an official page of team Brigade on the Star Citizen Wiki.  May take a day or two to update but searching for Brigade or clicking the 'organisations' link should enable finding of the page.
6 days ago Chief.Neil
Veno picks-up a pilot award, which enables us all to see that they are a capable combat pilot at a glance from their bio (handy when you are looking for a team).

Nice one Veno. 

Remember cogs, most of our awards take some time to be awarded and are not whimsical to achieve; bear in mind that I'm very keen to make certain I follow everyone closely and may well be leaving time for awards to 'mature' with experience and general membership and gameplay time.
3 days ago B.Malkolmi received the award Generous

Funding our community within: Donating money to our VOIP and website conti...

6 days ago B.Venoseptic received the award Pilot

Proficiency in pilot combat: Capable overall combatant Quality flight man...

27th Mar Chief.Neil
Just a reminder of our current ALPHA PU ROE, which can be found in this post.  Stay safe out there in 3.9.
28th Mar Chief.Neil
Message from my sister yesterday, hahaha.  15638

Braaaaaaainnnssss...  15631
27th Mar Chief.Neil
I think the C-Virus may have found me as I sit recovering from being very ill with a fever yesterday. My body stomped the virus out in under 15 hours tho, so I feel like a superhero today ...just one that hasn't the energy to lift his own feet more than 10 steps. Expect Friday's show to become Saturday's - HYPE-jets refuelling.

27th Mar B.Venoseptic
So yea I just went out and did buy Logitech G Saitek X52 Pro  

23rd Mar Chief.Neil
Stella Fortuna came with a limerick contest for FREE SHIPS!, so Brigade placed their finest out there during our Sunday show yesterday.  You missed it?!  Well, here's the highlights for ya.

Please consider sharing to all dem Twitters, Facebooks and Reddits...  it is very much appreciated.  #recruiting

18th Mar Chief.Neil
3.9 on with the Evocati