July 2015 - Our very beginnings
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20th Aug 2015

'rough around the edges'

From its early beginnings, drive has never been an issue here at team Brigade.  Neil, its Chief, continues to be ambitious and focused in all his hobbies - and is here to direct this community forward into the Star Citizen PU and beyond.

In just under two weeks, our image, principles, 30 page handbook, basics training, voice COMMS server, website and our first member were born.

The following month saw over 70 informative posts added to the forums; a recruitment video, detailed post and head-hunting strategy implemented; research and forward planning into roles, partners & alliances; and improved graphics, website modules and the award system put into motion, as well as welcoming two new members.

Our history is in its infancy, and I'm proud to have started it.  My wish is for every one of our members to create their own history, and for team Brigade to be their home for them to share it with their teammates.

one. all. team
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Forum » About Us » Our History Locked
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