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23rd May 2016

Like to be extra helpful around our website, TeamSpeak and new members?

Our officers help regulate our COMMS by moving and granting power to users as well as creating and protecting channels.  They moderate our entire forums here and our place in the Spectrum and are the first position that can become an SO (Supervising Officer) for new trial applicants. Officers also help administer in-game permissions within groups and security passes for our assets.

You will want to help out in a general way in all our areas of play without being considered tied to a particular duty.  You like people, and genuinely like to be there for newbies to answer questions and direct them to places and people that they will find useful.

Adequate skill and knowledge of administrating forums and TS is essential.  This can easily be taught for you too.  If you help us, we will of course help you, and you can count on our Ambassador for support as they head-up our Officers.  You may be asked to help out our Ambassador from time to time too, as they look for you to aid them in their duties.

Whilst a little nudge may be given to a member who we may feel suited to a role, we are looking for people who feel no pressure in aiming for something they may desire to be a part of.
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Forum » About Us » We Want You! Locked
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