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Our departments heads fulfil a leading role here in Brigade within administrative areas of our community.  Interested?  This would place you into a position where you are one of five people who are able to create, organize and run events, as well as have a large amount of freedom to express your desired direction for Brigade, regarding the department you head-up.  Our five departments form a collective in which each are encouraged to provide their help in developing enjoyable events and general Brigade progress.

The departments we are actively looking for are:

• Science and Exploration
• Mining and Manufacturing
• Trade and Logistics
• Security and Combat (tentative)

These positions are always open, by way of vote, to any member thought of as being more suitable for the duties, as these roles are considered important enough that they represent a vital principle to our community's ability to flourish.

To consider yourself, you must have the natural ambition and time to happily be both suitably available and committed to the duties the roles involve.  This means that the duties must not feel like a chore for you, and instead have a positive effect on your game-play and involvement with our team.

Whilst a little nudge may be given to a member who we may feel suited to a role, we are looking for people who feel no pressure in aiming for something they may desire to be a part of.  As the owner of the organization, Neil wishes to direct and keep our principles on track, whilst delegating the running of the organization to our team of Strategic Commanders, Commanders, and Officers, and the improvement to our entire structure, to every one of our members.

Some duties involve:

• Logging into our website and responding to messages whenever you have an internet session (most days)
• Making certain everything Brigade stands for, from principles, ROE and SOP, to teamwork, camaraderie and fun is continued among everyone and everything we do
• Following excellent event design, and helping to create new design and documentation as our community evolves
• Have regular one-to-one meetings ad-hoc, to your fellow STRATCOM members and partake in occasional 'agenda specific' STRATCOM meetings
• Have the knowledge that you are able to take control of any privilege bestowed to the ranks before you: taking tactical control of a group; moderating our forums, and delegating roles to our members no matter their rank
• Monitoring your department forum diligently so that members' groups are created and missions completed successfully; action is made to move your interests forward to better Brigade, and fresh, up-to-date information is provided
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