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Brigade is nothing is it isn't lead, and lead well.  We want our community to shine as being some of the best organisation, implementation and fun out there in the game.  If you enjoy and are able to communicate confidently; listen to your team; follow strategic planning, and create decisive tactical action, then you have the traits we need.

We are looking for commanders for all sorts of operations, which does not need to include combat at its focus.  Commanders can be there for us when we wish to move large amounts of assets through a logistical event; can be there for our exploration groups so people don't miss out on what's planned, and be there for our mining missions to make certain everything runs smoothly.

Commanders will also very often lead practice exercises, including that of our Introduction Program, but also anything that our community wishes to practice and learn about, such as how to crew a Reclaimer, for example.

Some privileges include: being able to rally members together on-the-fly for small-medium skirmishes/missions and general operations; getting things done the way you want them to by tactically guiding groups, and having some of the first opportunities for joining events.

Whilst a little nudge may be given to a member who we may feel suited to a role, we are looking for people who feel no pressure in aiming for something they may desire to be a part of.
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