Recruiting combat marines and pilots
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23rd May 2016

bounty hunting - protection - patrol - covert ops - support - dog fighting - gunnery - pvp/pve - skirmishes - fleets

Brigade's security and combat department is interested in developing our wing and marine groups into a formidable brigade that holds respect within our community, and beyond into the universe...

enjoy knowing what's expected?
enjoy being heard?
enjoy being lead?

...then we are here for you.

Looking to enrol players through our short, simple Brigade Basics, where you will get to understand how we communicate with each other;  how we tactically prepare and engage, and how our entire group structure works...

enjoy excellent communication?
enjoy effortless, tight tactics?
enjoy clear objectives?

...then we are here for you.

Would you like to trial us to see if this is for you?  - then come sign up to our website and introduce yourself.

Enjoy knowing your group has your back all of the way?  Then we are here for you.  Join in!  Join up!  TEAM!  o7
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