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23rd May 2016

Our esteemed position of ambassador is certainly not a role-playing one, as our rank names themselves are about as close to RP as we get here at Brigade.  As our ambassador you are the sort of calm, patient and empathic member that enjoys being a little bit of a 'people person'.

You will have interests in reaching out to other players; helping a little with recruitment, and general community management activities, which means you will be logging into your Brigade website and Spectrum accounts regularly to check your forum areas and your mail.  Being available and having control of your own channel in our team's TS, you will also want to maintain a course of correspondence with our affiliates by monitoring their websites casually.

You will be our reserve board member for Brigade's seat in any affiliations, where you may be asked to partake in a meeting occasionally, and are the 'Head of our Officers', in which you will offer your support to all our Officers and can ask them to help support you in any area of your role that you wish.

You would be the face of team Brigade; a spokesperson and figurehead, however all of this is meant to be light and pleasant for you and anyone you come into contact with here at Brigade and out there in the our universe.
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Forum » About Us » We Want You! Locked
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