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Our awards system helps us shed light on you in a way that will give you some distinction as a player.  New members will immediately see what sort of focal interests you may have, and see how you have become a strong teammate to everyone.

We have training type awards that show your accomplishments in how we tactically operate; role type awards that are held in high regard to a particular field, and our esteemed 'Ace' awards for excellent combat knowledge and practice, among others, all of which are not whimsical to achieve. In fact our 'Ace' awards show a particular type of member who has excellent communication skills, is perfectly disciplined on COMMS in tactical situations, and has a particularly high level of skill in combat.

Another type of award is that which is automatically given throughout your time with us, as your award points accumulate.  These points are determined from each time you are helpful, kind, involving, supportive and generally a good egg.  So thanks!  


Our event design and 'rank promotion' takes into account in some part, a member's participation within the community and their awards.  Gaining our training, Pilot and Marine awards will help event designers fit members in to roles, and having the highly recognised Ace awards can open up difficult endeavours for you and our organisation as a whole.

Any member can nominate and detail another member or even themselves for a point allocation, and are encouraged to do so by use of our Nominations, and whilst it is a lot easier to see someone's involvement in Brigade if they happen to be a regular forum contributor, nominating others as well as yourself, is vital for recognition for activities that you may be doing on VOIP and in-game. It is necessary to look out for each other in this way.

Some examples of gaining a point can be by involving yourself in some of the following:

  • Introducing yourself on our forums
  • Promoting team Brigade on the Spectrum and in the game
  • Keeping our recruitment post alive by adding a reply
  • Finding answers to questions
  • Creating and joining fun topics
  • Uploading great videos and pictures
  • Helping our new trial members
  • Helping our guests
  • Helping out by joining in with our training
  • Supporting all our news, forum posts and events
  • Working on solutions in every aspects of our departments
  • Sharing your time and assets with all of us
  • Donating to help fund our website and VOIP
  • Continued excellence in your role
  • Recruiting players that make it to 'Brigader'
  • Gaining 'likes' within our website
  • Helping with graphics, videos and tech for all our digital things

Never be it a chore; nor be it a bore - just for an easy-going 'one. all. team'.
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