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Today's PU experience is regarded generally by the community as a free for all where org play styles are a non-factor.  An org who is anti-pirate may very well show qualities of piracy.  In the easygoing die-and-respawn we have along with the testing nature of alpha, there is a consensus of 'no hard feelings'.

For these reasons, Brigade has foregone our ROE until the PU becomes a beta.  This does not mean that our members will behave as trolls in any regard and will be encouraged to keep thievery to an acceptable level and to show courtesy and consciousness of other players' intentions.

Brigade are aware that many players will 'shoot first' to keep themselves safe; Brigade members are cleared to do the same in marine situations and be on an elevated alert in piloting situations.

Brigade members are to:

  1.    Strongly consider eliminating a bogey (unknown contact) when you are outnumbered and/or threatened in a clutch situation
  2.    Where possible and applicable, use chat to introduce yourself as a team Brigade player
  3.    Use chat to apologise for misunderstandings and kills
  4.    Remember not to engage at all in smack-chat (if a player is salty, leave them alone)
  5.    Come to the aid of another Brigade member in any circumstance only if all parties concur

Our standard ROE is below.
Brigade does not engage entities without provocation or without authorization derived from our Rules of Engagement, which are to be followed by mandatory regulation.  The principles of the ROE are commonsense but you must have accurate knowledge of these rules and not be comfortable in blindly following your peers.  There cannot be any doubt as to procedure when confronted with threats or unknown motives from players in the PU.  Anything that comes to violate these rules is invalid and must not be followed.  Any breaking of the ROE must be reported. This is regulation and can only be changed by the Chief.

  • Brigade does not involve itself in piracy but are allowed to loot spoils from any hostile encounter
  • Brigade minimize the loss of life and assets of innocent bystanders
  • Brigade may engage hostile contacts.  Hostile contacts are defined to fit at least one of the following criteria:
  1. Assets belonging to organizations that have an official hostile standing with Brigade
  2. Assets belonging to persons that have an official hostile standing with Brigade
  3. Entities that are attacking/hijacking/endangering or have recently attacked/hijacked/endangered Brigade assets or interests, which include the assets of contracts with other entities
  4. Entities attacking/hijacking/endangering assets belonging to persons/organizations that have an official friendly standing with the Brigade
  5. Entities that have a high probability of attacking/hijacking/endangering Brigade assets/interests/friendlies. A high probability, in the context of this bullet, is near 100% and confrontation must seem inevitable
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