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Above all else, what would we be if we weren't a team?  Guilds are ten-a-penny in today's gaming and most are content to amble, which is perfectly fine, but at team Brigade we play to support each other, sometimes with some ferocity!

Brigade doesn't play to win.  At least that is to say winning for us is not losing our team.  Think of it this way, a team player won't go gunning after a kill while leaving their teammate to hopelessly fend off attackers.  We come about, help peel our teammate away and survive the encounter together.

A commander, or group leader may well rack up fewer kills than their teammates, as they focus more of their attention on tactics and the wellbeing of the team.  A team player may break away from their target as they hear their teammate has a better firing solution, or take the brunt of an attack to help move our group forward.  Here at team Brigade we keep our friends close and never lose sight of them; we give supportive feedback, knowing that each kill is a team kill, and we leave no man behind!

Our forums and TeamSpeak are created to provide everyone the ability to get involved in supporting each other's activities without feeling left out. We have a few department heads that help organize this so our various interest as different members can be heard and actioned united.

Being a team member isn't all combat related. You can quiet happily be a team member care bear, if you wish. Our commanders will be a diverse lot, who whilst all having excellent leadership strengths, will be suited to different areas of group play, such as transporting a fleet of industrial ships for example. So you can feel at ease as a member knowing your input is helping in the area you are good at.
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