Rules of Engagement
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  • Brigade do not engage neutral, friendly or other Brigade members without provocation or without authorization derived from these rules of engagement
  • Brigade do not engage in piracy
  • Brigade may engage hostile targets.  Hostile targets are defined to fit at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Assets belonging to organizations that have a hostile standing with Brigade
  2. Assets belonging to known pirates or pirate organizations
  3. Assets attacking or hijacking the interests of Brigade, these interests includes the assets of both Brigade and Brigade contractors
  4. Assets belonging to persons that have a hostile standing with Brigade
  5. Assets that have attacked or hijacked assets belonging to persons and/or organizations with an allied standing with the Brigade
  6. Assets that are engaging or have very recently engaged Brigade assets
  7. Hijacked Brigade or Brigade contractor assets
  8. Assets that have a high probability of attacking or endangering Brigade assets and/or interests. A high probability, in the context of this bullet, is near 100% and confrontation must seem inevitable

  • Brigade may engage assets that endanger Brigade or contractor assets in an illegal way
  • Brigade minimize the loss of life and assets of innocent bystanders
Anything that comes to violate these rules of engagement are invalid and unlawful, and may not be followed.
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Forum » About Us » Is Brigade A Good Fit For Me? Locked
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