Our Team Rules (Code of Conduct)
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• Members will hold to the Rules of Engagement

• Brigader members and above ranks are required to participate with posts, official feedback requests, polls and chat. Three(3) weeks of inadequate activity will result in dismissal

• Respect the privacy of any and all privileged information to which a member are granted access as a benefit of affiliation of our friendly oranisations.  Members are encouraged, but certainly not required, to share material information that could economically benefit our affiliates
• Smuggling is not allowed within UEE control space and where UEE law is enforced (subject to change)

• Any products that the UEE considers as black market are not allowed to be traded within UEE control space and where UEE law is enforced (subject to change)
• Disregarding a leader's instructions is allowed when those commands are unlawful (they break Brigade's rules)

• All Brigade members respect our hierarchy, whether of position or event structure
• All Brigade members can approach any senior member, department head or commanding officer about any issues, ideas, questions or complaints without fear of punishment, ridicule or retribution of any kind

• Brigade members act with the best interest for Brigade and behave in a mature manner when dealing with other players
• Minor problems with other Brigade members are solved between the involved members when possible

• Stratcom help administrate the organization and consists of the department heads
• The language that is used in public documents, forums, web chat and voice communication is English

• All promotions are approved by Stratcom
• Strategic Command oversees all Brigade departments, assets and personnel of all kinds

• These regulations can only be changed with approval of the Chief
• A Brigade embassy exists to manage diplomatic relations with outside parties

• Any breach of regulations is examined by Stratcom where penalties may apply
• Stratcom members have the following duties:

  1. Planning Brigade events;
  2. Starting Brigade events;
  3. Managing Brigade events, which includes but is not limited to:
  • Giving general instructions and directions
  • Aborting and ending Brigade events
  • Authorizing special operations embedded in Brigade events
  • Coordinate support
      4.  Managing contracts
      5.  Giving event briefings regarding intent, objectives and emergency situations

  • Event Leads are to inform Strategic Command of the following, where it is applicable and available to do so:
  1. Changes in location
  2. Execution of strategy
  3. Changes in fleet composition
  4. Event objective status
  5. Event security status
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Forum » About Us » Is Brigade A Good Fit For Me? Locked
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