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Our simple goal:

Brigade are an ambitious team who do not specialize in any particular area, nor have specified agendas.  We include trading, mining, logistics and exploration operations into what is essentially a game that slants towards combat.  Thus these career paths are armed and guarded by our brigade of combat personnel when needed.  You will find however that our tenacity for teamwork will push us into the spotlight for being one of the best for what we do, which is to enjoy highly organized events in an uncomplicated fashion.

Are Brigade hardcore?

Yes!  But not in the traditional sense - only in our attitude to teamwork, effective COMMS and simple obedience to who may be in command at the time.  Whilst the ranking structure is there to ensure that we do not end up looking like a shambles, it is light and relaxed the majority of the time, and only brought into action when we start the serious fun.

Can I play casually?

Yes!  People get casual and hardcore mixed up.  In Brigade you can be both.  Although both logging into our website and contributing to votes, topics and fun things is expected of you each month, grinding, farming and joining each weekly training or a whole bunch of other events isn't.  As a Brigader, you can feel very comfortable plodding along at your own pace.

Do I need to be a skilled player?

Yes and no.  While it is not entirely in the nature of Brigade as a whole, and there are plenty of roles to play in Star Citizen, we can not control what you can't handle when the game throws it at you.  It is your responsibility to understand your limits and be a team member when it comes to stepping aside into another activity that fits you.

What if I want to play every day and become super awesome and boss people around and...

Whoa!  Steady on.  Yes, you can absolutely progress in Brigade to positions of a commanding nature.  If you have leadership qualities then you can apply to the position of Commander, where you are entitled to create small operations and combat mission by rallying your team as well as leading large events that are created for you.

What if I'm not a leader but I like to help out with administrative things?

Then you are a very welcomed asset and can fill our Officer position nicely.  Here you have the opportunities to fully moderate the website and TeamSpeak, and can become a Supervising Officer (SO) to new trial members (kinda like a buddy to help them get settled in) where people will look up to you for your support.  Thanks!

Do I have a say?

Yes!  Brigade has a very open information and voting system in which all member's views and desires are considered compassionately and with an open mind.  Suggestions are always taken into account for any upcoming activities people wish to arrange.  Ultimately, all regulatory decisions are finalized through the organization's chief.

Who are Stratcom?

There are four departments and an embassy within Brigade.  Each department has a head and the embassy, an ambassador.  These five people are committed, clever and open people who have the necessary skills to run our organization.  All important events and contracts are designed and managed by these good people.

Who does this Neil person think he is, honestly?

Well, he's been around a bit in gaming communities and has almost always been a part of an administration or leading position.  He calls himself the Chief around these parts, and is the owner of the organization as a whole.  He's also insanely good-looking and ridiculously witty and charming...what?  Why are you looking at me like that?
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