A word on Wing Support
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Wing Support

Team!  Supporting each other in means of 'double teaming' and survival is what I want to become the core of our dog-fighting in today's game.  Going 1v1 is absolutely not the ideal situation to be in when your target is superior or equal to you.  It also locks you into manoeuvres that can offer less rewarding firing solutions.  This is because you have to avoid your partner's incoming fire.  We want to be able to fire much more freely on tagged targets, and to eliminate them quickly.  We are going to do this by providing opportunities to make running passes on a tag, and not to create furball situations when double teaming.  This is just something that will come with experience, but is perfectly achievable.

Switching targets and removing ourselves from a double team is also perfectly fine, and encouraged.  This is the difference between 'tag' and 'fix', and also the skill and knowledge of each pilot to ascertain what is best to do at that time.

It is imperative however that each team member is in supportive range to each other whenever it is required.  Members must say when they are taking fire, and if they can, by who.  At this stage they can switch to 1v1 their aggressor and/or fly evasively.  A team member must support you; engaging the aggressor to help peel them from you, or to help eliminate them.

  • Supporting - in support of a wingman to help peel them from an aggressor
  • Evading/going evasive - evading fire whilst you await support
  • Tail clear - indication that your wingman is free from any aggressors


"In the field, acquiring tag.  Found - Vanduul Alpha is tagged"
 - "Roger, committing"
 - "You have two coming in on your tail"
"Going evasive"
 - "Fox 2 on tag"
"Taking fire!"
 - Copy, coming about"
"It's on my six: Vanduul Hunter"
 - Seen.  I'm in support...engaging.  Fox 4, CS.  Hit!  Tango down, your tail is clear"

Team Leader Trust

Thinking on your own is encouraged and integral, however having more than one person trying to lead at the same time, or having a person constantly questioning instruction, is not efficient at all.  Our trial period is there to filter out the single players from the team players, but there will be times where you may scratch your head and think: 'why is our lead doing it this way?'.

Well, a lead isn't always perfect and it is your duty to offer supportive suggestions if they are tactically sound - but is also imperative that you understand that what a lead may have in mind can easily be something you are unaware of.  You must trust your lead, as they have not the time to explain everything to you.


Hostiles have attacked your team and you have engaged them for a few minutes.  You have your target in a vulnerable state of destruction.  Your Lead issues a Fix onto another target.

 - What should you do?

You should very likely inform your Lead of your target's condition, and continue to hold a good solution.

 - The Lead may tell you to finish them, now knowing this information, but what if they do not tell you this, are they wrong?

You should trust your Lead.  They may have knowledge that you do not, or want to perform a tactical procedure of another nature that will benefit the team.  Perhaps they received details that your target was no longer a threat (perhaps due to a misunderstanding), or they are wanting to question the target and therefore keep it crippled.  Perhaps the new Fixed tango was lining-up heavy destruction and required to be dealt with immediately.

There are many reasons a Lead takes action, and they do not always have the time to explain themselves.  Debriefings and forums offer a means to ask questions about an engagement or event.
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