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There's a reason 'team' made it into our name.  One of Neil's visions for team Brigade is to create a community that looks out for each other in a way that allows for easy-going gaming.  To achieve this we practice good respect for each other's position; we let those of us with passion, intelligence and commitment organise our events and administer the organization, and we make sure everyone is comfortable knowing that they can diversify in all what our community offers in gaming, by simply understanding how our base structure works - because that will be all you need to get where you want to be.



Welcomed persons, from fleeting visitors to ambassadors.  Our guest are free to present contracts and alliances, or to merely reach out to say hello.  Treated warmly, we can help direct them to our department heads, officers and ambassador, depending on the type of requests they may have.


There's no particular trial time for someone to receive full membership.  It's important to offer gentle help with any trial participant as they may be finding their feet, learning our structure or simply trying to figure us out.  It's also worth knowing that completion of both basic trainings is not a default move to full member, and we do hope all our trial members find a home somewhere that's great for them.

Honoured Guests

Honoured Guests are trusted friends, ambassadors and partners from outside parties, who have privileges to our general forum, where they can read and post to anything but the polls and suggestions area, as well as having access to our TS details forum, along with all regular Guest access to the forums and modules.  They can also use the Chat feature, unlike regular Guests, and view our Event module (but only events STRATCOM choose) and Alert status, of which regular Guests can not.



The core of the team! Neil projects as much as 80% of our community will be those of our Brigader position. With our award system helping to make noteworthy, those of senior experience and team involvement. Here our members can begin to sign-up to events, express themselves on the forums, show interest into more specific areas and get together with others who share the same. Our Brigaders can fly our banner proudly, and work towards other positions if they so choose.


Some people are just extra helpful.  Our officers help regulate our COMMS by moving and granting power to users as well as creating and protecting channels.  They moderate our forums and are the first position that can become an SO (Supervising Officer) for new trial applicants.


Team leaders, our commanders are members who have the ability and drive to lead groups, small or large, in a tactical manner.  They are quick thinkers under pressure; fiery front persons, and cool cucumbers.  Maybe a bit of a mixed bag, but variety among them is how we can diversify our events to suit our different paths, as being a commander does not necessary place you in a combat focused environment.  Commanders will also very often lead training exercises, including that of our Basics to Trial members.

Strategic Commander

Our SC. rank is held to five members at any given time, who can direct events in a strategic nature whilst that event may be underway.  All event leaders are to report on their event status to these five, who form the collective as 'Stratcom', and Stratcom are to work together to employ the best strategic response.


Supervising Officer (SO)

An SO is someone that helps to point our trial participants in the right direction; are able to teach our basics if they so desire (but are not obliged to), and are to make sure our trial's Basics completion is documented on the forums. They help trial members sign-up to our organisation in our gaming environments; offer an extra welcome to Brigade, and are there for any questions the trial may have. They follow 'The SO's Plan', which houses all the points required for passing a trial membership.

Dept. Heads

There are five departments to team Brigade, and each has a member that heads that area. This member holds the position of both the head of <department> (or ambassador) and that of strategic commander. All five together form Stratcom, and help immensely to the running of the organization as a whole. They control event design, with each head having large emphasis in their respected field. They are able to administer many things in and out of our games, and are clever, enthusiastic and ambitious people who are highly trusted.


Our esteemed role: the Ambassador. Our ambassador is a bit like a public relations official and community manager, but in a relaxed way. They are happy to reach out to our partners, and invite friendly converse from outside parties. This member also holds a position as secondary board member for Brigade in our alliance with the ACC. If people wish to get in touch with Brigade, then our ambassador is one of our first people to greet them.

No position in our community is ever given out lightly.  You deserve every part of it.
 - one. all. team!
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