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23rd Feb Chief.Neil

Pretty atmospheric battle in 3.4.3 at the downed satellite. Love the ship flybys going on and all the smoke.
14th Oct 2018 Chief.Neil
Thought I'd cut this as one showing from the CitizenCon for people as it is gorgeous.  This is what we can expect to see in some places of our universe for us to explore and wonder at.
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29th Dec 2018 B.Graymound
Holiday Greetings from Hurston!

Who knew Christmas vacation here could be so serene.
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9th Jan Chief.Neil
Excellent vid to help you get some creds together in the most fun way for you.  Hopefully some easy, fun options available to kit out after each database wipe so you ca be ready for Brigade practice.    CIG are working on a patch, coming very soon for fixes.  Fingers crossed for better mission functionality.

2nd Jan Chief.Neil
Welcome to 2949!

Happy New Yeehaw, cogs!
be sure to check out the news

Counting the weeks down to the new flight system,     @Wrong Way   ...want some dogfighting before then?  Hit me up.
Seen you playing lots,     @Aseron   ...give me a nudge if you want to crew-up or get involved in SC Sunday.  Also, get onto the Discord server by clicking here.  All Brigaders need to be signed-up there.

Hope all had the best holiday time.  Here's to this year!
28th Dec 2018 Chief.Neil playing Star Citizen
Whilst all my pals are enjoying time off work, I'm on my7-days straight, starting the day after Xmas.  Sad, sad times...  I'm setting my own new schedule tho sometime in 2019, which means more time for Brigade gaming.  Hurray!  Hope everyone's Xmas was merry and that you enjoy the New Year celebrations in whatever way you see fit.
21st Dec 2018 Chief.Neil

Alpha patch 3.4 released to live!  Merry Xmas, everyone.  Should be a fun Star Citizen Sunday.  New screenshot contest is a go also, so we should try our photography prowess in the 'verse.  Stuff to do - yessh!  15673
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19th Dec 2018 Chief.Neil
@Wrong Way ...

Can still hit me up for that squadron battle etc. in AC or combat in the PU meh dude.  Anyone who wants to practice a bit can say.  Combat is a bit rubbish until the new patch this March but all goes towards that Basics badge.    No stress - just play.
16th Dec 2018 Chief.Neil

Orders, sir?  15603
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11th Dec 2018 Chief.Neil
Another wonderful
Aleksandr Belov piece.