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6 hours ago Chief.Neil
15605  @Malkolmi  ...thanks for the donation!  I added it to our site here.  Much appreciated, pal. 

Curious, where did you go/what function you used to donate?  This site from the Merchandise tab, via Streamlabs or something else?  I wonder as nothing reported to me other than PayPal.  Thanks again meh dude.  07
6 hours ago T.Malkolmi was awarded 1 points
Reason: Adding a reply and a '+1 vote' to our recruitment post on the Spectrum
20 hours ago B.Venoseptic
Feels good to be home

1 day ago T.Malkolmi was awarded 1 points
Reason: Introducing themselves on our forums
14th Feb Chief.Neil
Super support from Malkomi today (which if you didn't see - is captured on our live show this Friday).  Lots of fun had and more for the future, welcome aboard dude.

14th Feb T.Malkolmi was accepted through the application I'm a team player, sign me up to Brigade!
10th Feb Chief.Neil

Nice encounter in 3.8.  2020 is da year!
10th Feb Chief.Neil

I'll be at the event, currently posted as the opposing force (OPFOR).  There could easily be more slots and Brigade members are welcome.  Speak up if interested.
6th Feb B.Aseron received the award Senior

Active participant within team Brigade: 3 years team full membership 365 d...

5th Feb Chief.Neil
Thinking of running a giveaway (Terrapin and Dragonfly) to acquire new members and have a forum for it here for ideas so I can decide.
1st Feb Chief.Neil
1st of the month Chief's Letter is up.  Standard!  Keep an eye on the News section from time-to-time, cogs for news of all types and the occasional lore piece to boot.

28th Jan T.Gaul (Dudonja)
ahhh finaly i think i will have to play smething ..but.. ok this patch have less bags than any..BUT...i have errorrs every 15 min...and i lost everything i do..and again ..and again ..waiting for 3.8.2...
but i buz a bugy and put in frelancer heheh...ofcurse when i go out and try again erorr...damm
26th Jan Chief.Neil
I'm looking for help regarding flight manoeuvres in the PU.  Need one fighter-enabled team member (more welcome to come along).  This is for info into our Handbook version 3.7 coming up and a potential video.  Will take a couple of hours, probably.  That's very estimated.  No super-duper combat experience required.

24th Jan Chief.Neil
3.8.1 LIVE, Cogs.  Yipee! 

All-day Tuesday gaming is a GO.
Gotta get that cred and Mole - looking for a team.
18th Jan Chief.Neil
We have a new menu page: Twitch.
Want to see it?  Look up there on our menu bar.

Pretty self-explanatory really.  All upcoming show info can be found on that page as well as the channel's video feed as well.  To keep Brigade's community here on the website, members (except Officers) can no longer get show information via Discord.