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5 hours ago TWrong Way with TSerrial
Hey Serrial and welcome!!!

Look forward to flying with you.  I'll try and add you to contacts but if I'm playing SC I'm usually on the Brigades Discord so should show up there if you're up for having an explore.

Me and the Chief are looking at having a play with the arena commander squadron battle at some point in the next week or so if that's something you might be up for let us know...  I assure you I will be the worst pilot
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30th Nov Chief.Neil
'A Cog in the Machine'.  This tune is playing around Hurston.  Coincidence?  15672

24th Nov Chief.Neil
Kind of the first Brigade stream happened yesterday and I dubbed it version 0.5.  Now the ball is rolling with SC, this is the time for streaming.  Wasn't 100% sure if I was going ahead yesterday as my BB was down all morning and I was home from work at an awkward hour.  Today I was ready for launch 1.0, as seen in the vid below. 

Keep an eye out for more streams and join in?  #letsGETmembers

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23rd Nov Chief.Neil
17th Nov TWrong Way
Hey Neil,

i should be able to log in for a couple hours on Sunday afternoon if you're up for it.

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13th Nov Chief.Neil
Get a head start on navigating Lorville at Hurston.

12th Nov Chief.Neil

What you are seeing is a player who has accepted a COMM from another player, which shows their real-time avatar on the viewscreen.  As the ship that they are both fighting explodes, you can see the light from that explosion happening across the COMMed player in real time (plus server/game transmit time).  With FOIP you can also see the player's face move, including lips, eyebrows and blinking.  This is Star Citizen.
12th Nov Chief.Neil
As is a series now, here is Aleksandr Belov's comparison video.  Superb and painstaking.

21st Oct B.Graymound
just uhm...just gonna leave that one here...

https://img-9gag-fun.9cac ... WYZVj3_460svvp9.webm
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19th Oct Chief.Neil
Will my rig handle the streaming of Star Citizen?  I think it'll be just about okay.  Quick peek at what I've been doing over the last couple of days.

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