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2 days ago Chief.Neil
Brigader, Veno!   15673

Congratulations meh dude.  Big stuff ahead in 2020 for us all.
2 days ago B.Venoseptic received the award Basics

Member has completed their Introduction, showing us they have good knowledge of ...

6 days ago B.Venoseptic
Heey all, hope you are all are doing well and have a great time! . 

Still love to be a part of this awesome org!

I just wanna make an update on some of my ships, since there have been a little chance. 

So after the BMM chance and alot of things have been goin on with it, I desided to upgrade to the reclaimer now so I can have that ready for 4.0. 
I am not done with the BMM though I will get it on a later date next year though Greay market. 

I also graped the Conni Tarterus for some small cargo right now, though I am not sure if I keep that. I may chance back to my Retaliator base. 

But my plan for 3.8 is goin to be like this:
Goin to save up so I can outfit a combat ship for ez bonties / mustang or titan or I just use the conni for what. 
Then I am goin to save up for a catapiller that can be used for Org stuff to and cago runs.

I also save up to some fighters so I can still be escort too if needed . 

That was just a small update from me!
I hope to see your all in the verse!

Best wishes Venoseptic
4 days ago Chief.Neil
Hit that 'SHOW WHAT'S NEW' button in the Activity Feed head bar and take a look at the new forum posts there.  Updates to The Coffee Cup, Our affiliation/partnership with the CCC and also this post.  Feedback wanted folks.

6 days ago B.Mungle
This one goes to the haters. I'm looking at you Neil...

4th Dec B.Mungle
Some "dummy" rules of combat, this is meant to be a little funny, but number 20 I think is kind of important. Thought I'd share with everyone!
6th Dec B.Mungle
I had a hard time logging out and leaving my work behind. Thought I'd take one more picture for the road. 

5th Dec Chief.Neil
Had a bunch of fine hours in the PU yesterday with Mungle as we went over the CCC racing event coming up; testing stuff.  Was a pleasure to see how Brigade will communicate and organise well for everything that we do here.  Had some fun to boot!

Have updated the OP to the event's forum here.  Please help out if you have any tips and let us know if you want to join in.
2nd Dec Chief.Neil

If our trials are unware, we have our monthly report from myself
up on our News section.  Check it out.

1st Dec Chief.Neil
An extra congrats to Mungle for achieving full member status.  We enjoyed some Vanduul killing followed by winning Pirate Swarm with a couple of S.Hornet loadouts based on Veno's suggestions.  Hoping to do a little trading 'RP' for some Brigade practice in the future.  As persistence hits us in 3.8~ we can't reply on credit resets if a mission goes wrong, so Brigade get to be less alpha-org and a little more of the 'real thing'.  Cool.

'Chief's Letter' is up for the month of December, check it out.
30th Nov Chief.Neil
CitCon recap | what's coming in 3.8 | what to expect in 3.9

27th Nov Chief.Neil
14th December:

The Coffee Cup is coming back this holiday season with our affiliated group, Citizen's Coffee Company. The race will exclude the 400km leg on Yela due to bikes being slow right now and will include all types of other vehicles. For the first time, combat is not only allowed but encouraged in 2/3 legs of the race. Teams need to be 2-5 players.

That's all I have just now so stay tuned for all the details and watch out for the event appearing here on the website.  Check out the Event page for links to the CCC's RSI page and Discord.
25th Nov B.Mungle
Just walked through the IAE day 2 RSI display. Althought it was cool to see the Connie line all under one roof, I am a little disapointed. Last year they stunned everyone with the Idris, along with other intresting ships that they hadn't finished just yet, and I was hoping it would be the same. The mantis was fun to see, but just the Arura and Connie line? Your better then this RSI. I would have at least displayed the Merlin, and other racers. 
25th Nov Chief.Neil
25th Nov B.Mungle was awarded 1 points
Reason: For introducing themselves on our forums