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20th Aug B.Graymound
Dat sexy landin' on ArcCorp tho...15611. Work of art.
19th Aug Chief.Neil

Crew and Collect.  New wreckage job from the mobi.  Pretty cool.  Unfortunatley Lorville racoons sliped the jackpot from under me.
19th Aug B.Graymound
Turns out Teasa Spaceport is a dangerous place, ridden with thieves and pickpockets. If you leave your stuff lying around for not even one second...poof! It's gone!
5th Aug Chief.Neil

And I was thinking about turning the volume up a bit more on that thing...  15636
8th Jul Chief.Neil
SC 3.6

hover mode . ship buy and rent . law system . ship hailing . face tracking . working combat. persistence

coming to a PC near you...

Whilst originally 3.6 felt pretty light, as it turns out, the new law system brings some cool new gameplay in the form of an improved hacking mechanic requiring crypto keys; different laws within different regions and selling illegal goods at various new locations within Stanton, such as the new junkyards.

Being able to rent and buy vehicles allows for reasons to make credits (I'm looking at trade and transportation gameplay this patch), and with components persisting even when a vehicle is destroyed, upgrading them now make sense.  You can, so I've been told, successfully log out in a bed to save your location now, too.

VOIP now includes local chat turned on by default, allowing us to talk and listen to anyone on the server nearby (I can't wait to tell someone to lower their weapon or I'll shoot); we can hail other ships and are automatically assigned a COMM channel for entering a vehicle, allowing us to chat to everyone onboard.

One of my favourite new features is the improved face tracking, which now can be used with a hold key bind.  As well as a new control layout/setup that I've invested time into, flight will feel fantastic this time.

Then there's flight combat that works, nice FPS improvements and some extra SFX goodies from CI's excellent sound team.

Oh, and not forgetting hover mode .

20th Jun Chief.Neil

Thank you Gray, who understands my lack of games to play even tho I call myself a gamer and went on to let me know the gift is thanks for Brigade efforts, in which Gray recognises my passion and dedication.  Well, you are very welcome and I hope I can continue to do the same for many members to come.  I'm very much looking forward to entering Enderal, tomorrow morning!

Very cool thing to do, Gray.  07
1st Jul Chief.Neil wrote a comment about the news post Chief's Letter #21
...another website update in the next few days..? Hmm, maybe...
1st Jul Chief.Neil wrote a comment about the news post Chief's Letter #21
28th Jun
We've reached a record number of members, currently: 10
26th Jun B.Graymound
Steam summer sale...
22nd Jun Chief.Neil
The dates are in for the CCC event above (click the pic):

  1. 6th July, 20:00
  2. 13th July
  3. 27th July

If you'd like to participate, please let me know.  I'll be joining them all, if time permits.  Take note that the events will go forward if 3.6 allows it, so if the bug-monster general (who I've named El Loco) arrives with their armies, I'll keep you posted.
21st Jun Chief.Neil

Hardspace episode 6.  You can easily watch this episode first before starting at the beginning but either way, this episode is very tasty.
20th Jun B.Graymound received the award Team Member

Providing and aspiring team values: Teamwork Camaraderie Helpfulness Sh...

20th Jun B.Graymound was awarded 1 points
Reason: For kindness in gifting, supporting Brigade's Twitch and camaraderie
17th Jun Chief.Neil
There's this, @Graymound ... :

On offer ATM.  Co-op.  One of the other games I was talking about was 'A Way Out' - a prison break co-op game, looks very story driven in terms of interactivity.  Still searching for the FPS co-op game; I'll make a comment if I find it.